Lambrusco is unanimously considered to be Italy’s red semi-sparkling wine par excellence, Its original production zone is around Modena, which is also the area where it is mostly consumed.
Nature and time have led to a progressive association of each of the three main varieties of Lambrusco with specific high-quality growing areas within the Province.
To the south, in the hills, in the municipality of Castelvetro, Lambrusco grown.
Lambrusco di Sorbara, the best known and most important of the three varieties, thrives in the central plain of Modena, in the municipality of Bomporto, which includes the village of Sorbara.
Finally, Lambrusco Salamino is found in the north, from the town of Carpi to the border with the Province of Reggio Emilia.
The expert blending of the three varieties – the strong Grasparossa, the fragrant Sorbara, the delicate and dark Salamino – allow one to obtain different versions of Lambrusco Emilia IGT in red, rosé and white versions, as offered by Fratelli Cella.

The grapes

Three great varieties for as many Lambruscos of world class!

The products

Products that are very different from each other, but which are still really special Lambruscos.

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